About Us

City Plants, LLC designs, installs, and maintains luxurious “head turning” gardens in and around Philadelphia. Our goal is to create exceptionally handsome outdoor spaces that bring smiles, brighten moods, and give our customers the most beautiful gardens we can possibly create.

We provide homeowners and businesses with superior, high quality plant material installed by people skilled in the art of fine gardening. We design, plant and maintain gardens that enrich the buildings or property that they occupy.

We Specialize in

City Gardens

Low Maintenance Gardens

Breathtaking Bulb Displays

Walkways, Patios and Walls

Containers and Window Boxes

Perennial Gardens

City Plants was founded in 1996 by Patty Redenbaugh, a passionate and award-winning garden creator. The company was founded with a desire to make and maintain gardens that evoke deep feelings of appreciation for beauty, nature, art and life.

The vision of City Plants, LLC is to assist in bringing beauty through gardens to as many areas as possible throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding area.

Patty has a passionate commitment to beautify city spaces with gardens that reflect and remind us of the very best in life.